The History of Magical Caucasus

The Magical Caucasus Travel Ltd company was founded in 2016 by Maja Karlsone and Justina Vaitiekunaite, two Lithuanians who met in Georgia.  They shared same passion for Caucasus region, travelling and nature.  Maja and Justina decided to create something magical and open their own travel company.

With their skills and experience in tourism sector they started building successful tour agency. Their passion and creative thinking “out of a box” let them to create tours, where visitors in Georgia are not “just a tourists”. They are  guests,  who have opportunity to  feel real spirit of Georgia. Maja and Justina are determined to find a way to give fellow travelers an authentic experience of Caucasus region. A way for people who do not have the opportunity to invest the time, learn the language, or build the relationships with locals to still experience local Georgia. A way to be invited into the culture as a close friend not just a tourist. Magical Caucasus Travel Ltd trips are completely based around your interests and schedule—they are one-of-a-kind experiences that are as unique as you are.


Justina is a traveler since the age of 13. Throughout her diverse adventures in over 30 countries (and counting!), being welcomed and guided through a destination by one of its locals has always been the most inspiring way for Justina  to experience a new culture.

Justina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences  at Vilnius University in Lithuania. As well through exchange programs she studied in Marmara and Isik universities in Turkey and Tbilisi State University in Georgia.  She spent 9 months gaining organisational skills in EVS project in Dunkeqrue, France and worked 4 months in New York state in hospitality sector.  Justina has studied English, Russian and Turkish languages and is hoping to add Spanish to her repertoire in the near future!

She visited Georgia first time in 2010. Since then  she kept coming back. Finally, she followed her dream to connect her love for travelling with a job. Taking a closer look at Georgia, she  realized that the country she knew and loved was not the same one being packaged to unknowing travelers. The culture and places that made Georgia so special to Justina was completely inaccessible to tourists. Now she is glad to help travelers to experience local magic that made her to fall in love with this country. 



Maja is a journalist by profession, but in her spirit she is a creator of fairy-tales and an ultimate dreamer.  She felt disappointment with journalism in Lithuania, so she decided to search for different paths for her life. She tried herself in many different sectors and activities. From bay watching in Lithuanian seaside to business solution manager in Moscow.

In her free time she is traveling and exploring the world. Her motto “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled”. Maja believes that travelling can change a person, his perspective or even destiny.

Before she moved to Georgia, Maja was working for 3 years in logistic sector. However, just in one day she decided to switch her business suit to Georgian magic. “In search of Magic”- is her favorite tattoo on her shoulder and as well a motto of company.

She creates every trip with a goal to ensure  that person will get unforgettable experience.  Maja specialize in  creative training, MICE, psychological practices, active tours in  mountains and taylor-made tours for family and friends.