35 reasons why you should not visit Georgia

35 reasons why you should not visit Georgia

1. There are no beautiful places in countryside

2. This is one of the ugliest and not unique downtowns in the world. Ever. 

3. Streets in Tbilisi are ugly like this.

4. Especially when you see some ugly art nouveau style doors like this one in some of them.

5. Georgian Folk Dances are so boring and not beautiful.

6. There are no picturesque lakes in mountains.

7. Georgian Cuisine is so poor and does not taste good at all.

8. Especially Khachapuri does not seem to be appetizing.

9. They have neither any nice Art Cafes

10. Nor any underground places

11. Nor hipster bars in Tbilisi

12. All Georgian towns and cities are so old -fashioned and not modern 

13. All Churches in Georgia look the same

14. Canyons here are this green and cool in the summer, but who cares, right?

15. Landscape of Kazbegi is so boring and ugly

16. Krubera Cave is the deepest cave in the world, but whatever

17. Batumi McDonalds is not considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world

18. There are abandoned rope ways that look so soviet and dangerous 

19. You will find such ugly gold diadems in Georgian museums dating back several centuries BC

20. Caves are so boring and not colourful in Georgia

21. Vineyards are not so special, even though Georgia is the cradle of wine

22. You can’t attend any joyful activities while your stay in that country

23. Georgian roads are believed to be very unattractive

24. Their capital Tbilisi has no old town and there is nothing to see but soviet buildings

25. One can’t do anything interesting while going to beaches there

26. Fall is never in the air in Georgian mountains

27. Nice Georgian town is a myth that no one believes

28. You will not find any places to ski in there

29. Or a nice sunset view on the beach in Achara

30. All Georgian villages are so dark at night

31. Sometimes Georgian tables are this empty of food

32. Svanetian village Ushguli is the highest settled village in Europe, but why should anyone get there?

33. Meadows are so grey, especially with those mountains on the background

34. Their highest restaurant Zuruldi is located only on 2340m altitude

35. In Georgia you will see this ugly alphabet that is not unique at all everywhere

Finally, Georgians have no sense of solidarity.

Source: Iberieli’s Blog 

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